WILTON ARMETALE Florentine Serving Tray 12" Round ~ Small Scratches

Product Description
  • WILTON ARMETALE Florentine Serving Tray 12" Round ~ Small Scratches
  • Dimensions 12" ~ serving platter
  • **Slight scuffs on Platter and box is damaged**
  • Will not rust ~ Double alloy ~ designed for restaurant use
  • Easy clean up ~ simply hand wash in warm, soapy water & towel dry
  • Will not crack, chip, dent, rust or tarnish
  • Keeps food HOT or COLD ~ Meets your cooking needs!
  • Lifetime Warranty by Wilton Armetale
  • Made in USA!

WILTON ARMETALE will not rust, is easy to clean, is light weight, and keeps food hot! Or, go the other direction and keep food chilled longer by placing it in the fridge or freezer. This was originally designed for commercial use in restaurants making it durable and strong, so that means long-lasting! Wilton Armetale products will not break, chip, crack, rust or tarnish under normal use! The company stands behind their product with a Lifetime Warranty.
$ 55.95
~ Oilcloth Care Instructions ~
Simply wipe clean when splattered or spilled on! Yes, it's that easy!
 ~Do NOT place in washing machine~
~Do NOT place in dryer or dry clean~
~Do NOT iron oilcloth~
  • For best results, store oilcloth rolled up and not folded.
  • Folded oilcloth will crease & wrinkle. No problem though! Just lay oilcloth in the sun a few hours & the wrinkles disappear from the warmth of the sunlight.
  • To clean oilcloth, easily wipe down with a damp cloth, antibacterial wipe OR simply hose down with the water hose!
  • Small items like placemats and bibs can be hand washed in the sink then hang to dry.
  • NEVER place in washing machine ~ Oilcloth will shred!
  • NEVER place in dryer or dry clean ~ Oilcloth will melt!
  • NEVER Iron ~ Oilcloth will be a hot, melty, mess!
Not Your Mama's Kitchen Oilcloth products are custom designs by our Head Mama and handsewn locally in the USA. Oilcloth is very popular in our store because of the durable, long-lasting material. Since the fabric is waterproof it works perfectly for indoor and outdoor decor.
The original Oilcloth was a laminated fabric used widely as a tablecloth in the 1950's and 1960"s. The new Oilcloth is manufactured in Mexico with beautiful, bright colors and is a printed vinyl with a poly/cotton woven backing.  The poly/cotton backing protects tabletops and surfaces from scratches.