Brushtech Kitchen Scrubbers, SET of 2, Plastic Bristle & Steel Bristle Brushes

Product Description
  • As advertised: Two of the most useful brushes in your kitchen!
  • Both brushes remove overcooked or charred food stuck to cooking surfaces
  • For cast iron, aluminum and other non-delicate surfaces use the steel brush
  • For coated and delicate surfaces use the plastic brush
  • Product Dimensions
    • Plastic Brush L: 5"  W: 1.25"  H: 1"
    • Stain Brush L: 5"  W: 1.25"  H: 1"
  • Use the Steel Bristles - for tough surfaces
  • Use the Plastic Bristles - for more fragile surfaces
  • Made in USA!!
Tired of scrubbing your dishware, pans, grills, or waffle irons, and noticing no matter how many times you rinse it out, there always seems to be some color, taste, or odor you can't get rid of? With this useful brush, you can ensure you have a clean worry-free surface, no matter what kind of mess was stuck on there!
$ 12.95

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