Egg Piercer by RSVP, Stainless Steel

Product Description
  • Egg Piercer by RSVP ~ Stainless Steel
  • Wide, spring loaded base with piercing needle
  • Creates a small hole in shell without cracking whole eggC
  • Makes perfect Soft or Hard Boiled eggs
  • Prevents the shell from breaking while boiling ~ makes beautiful, un-cracked eggs!
  • Makes peeling the egg easier after boiling
  • Need to preserve the shell? ~ Pierce both ends of the shell so the egg can be blown out
  • Easy to use!
  • Easy to clean ~ Dishwasher safe
Prevents the eggs shell from cracking or breaking during boiling time. Before cooking, set the wide end of the egg onto the spring loaded base & GENTLY press down to pierce a small hole into the egg shell. This will make for beautiful, un-cracked eggs!  Or, need the egg shell for crafts? Simply pierce both ends of the shell & the egg can be blown out preserving the shell.
$ 8.25

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