Oil Cloth Adult Apron ~ Black Cherry Print

Product Description
  • Oil Cloth Adult Apron ~ Adjustable Nylon Neck Strap ~ 2 Pockets
  •  Fade AND Stain Restistant
  • Waterproof, Splatter-proof - Fully protects your clothing
  • Oil Cloth may become wrinkled or creased when folded ~No Worries!~ Just place in the warm sunlight to smooth out the wrinkles
  • Withstands weather ~ Rain or Shine!
  • Reusable for years to come
  • So easy to clean too!  Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water
  • All our oil cloth is made right here in the USA by our fantastic team of seamstresses!
  • Oil Cloth is NOT Machine Washable
  • Contact us for Special Orders!
Oil Cloth is highly popular in our store due to the beautiful, bright colors, durability and long-lasting material.  Our Aprons are perfect for Cooking, BBQ, Parties, Crafts, Art and even Washing the Pets!  Brighten up your chores with a splash of color while protecting your clothes from splatters!

~ Oil Cloth Care Instructions ~

Oil Cloth never stains or fades!  Simply wipe clean when splattered or spilled on!

Do NOT place in washing machine~Do NOT dry-clean and NEVER iron Oil Cloth.

To remove wrinkles, simply lay the Oil Cloth in the sun and the wrinkles will disappear with the warmth of the sun.

The original Oil Cloth was a laminated fabric used widely as a tablecloth in the 1950's & 1960's.  The new Oil Cloth is manufactured in Mexico with beautifully bright colors and is a printed vinyl and poly/cotton woven backing, plus it's waterproof!  You still clean the new Oil Cloth in the same way as the original...with a cloth and warm soapy water.  Small items can be rinsed in the kitchen sink, and for the really large items, simply hang them over the clothesline and spray off with the hose!  For best results, store Oil Cloth rolled up, not folded.

Oil Cloth is a sturdy, waterproof and stain resistant.  Colorful Oil Cloth is a great way to brighten up a kitchen, dining room, playroom or patio on a budget!  Please see our other listings to jazz up your decorating time or find useful ideas!

$ 26.95

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