PREPARA Drydock Drying Mat, Antibacterial 14x20 ~ GRAY

Product Description


  • Large size, 14" x 21"

  • Unique honeycomb design for fast dish drying

  • Built in, permanent antibacterial treatment

  • Eliminate musty odors

  • 5 times more absorbent than cotton dish towels

  • Draws moisture away to promote rapid evaporation

  • Folds in half for convenient storage

  • Machine washable

PREPARA Drydock Dish Drying Mat is 5X more absorbant than regular cotton dish towels and has a unique, built-in, permanent antibacterial treatment that eliminates musty odors. The honeycomb pattern promotes rapid evaporation for super fast dish drying! Prepara has also designed the Drydock to fold in the center for easy and convenient storage that also allows for quick drying of the mat as it adds a trendy decor to your kitchen. Plus, it's machine washable! The Prepara Drydock Dish Drying Mat is a great addition to your kitchen and will make an excellent gift as well!
$ 16.98

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