Mastrad Garlic Peeler Tube & Storage w/ Lid

Product Description
  • Garlic Peeler Tube & Storage with Lid
  • Approximately 6.5" L x 1.5" W
  • Made of flexible, yet durable silicone
  • Quickly peels garlic clove without getting the odor on your hands
  • Also doubles as a garlic storage container ~ simply twist on lid & pop in fridge!
  • The twist-on lid allows for fresh garlic to be stored in the fridge WITHOUT the odor!
  • Easy to clean ~ Dishwasher safe
The Garlic Tube quickly peels garlic cloves without getting the odor on your fingers!  Simply place a few cloves of garlic in the tube, press down and roll the tube across the counter-top.  The garlic skin falls away!  Plus the practical twist on lid allows you to easily store garlic in the tube and reduce odors in your fridge.  The Mastrad Garlic Tube is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean too!
$ 8.99

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