Amco Lunchbuddies Mini Tools Set, 7 Piece Set

Product Description
  • This is a 7 Piece Set ~ cut/scoop tool, pitter, apple corer/peeler, fruit/vegetable corer, citrus peeler, spork & a mesh storage bag 
  • Reusable lunch tools ~ Perfect for eating on the go
  • Great for camping or a picnic
  • Easily tucks away to carry in your backpack, lunchbox, briefcase, purse
  • Easy to clean ~ Dishwasher safe!
With this mini lunch set you will be prepared for almost any snack!  The mesh bag keeps everything stored neatly away and keeps pieces from getting misplaced.  Tools are reusable and dishwasher safe.  Perfect for lunch on the go!
$ 14.50

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