TWO Locations in Canton, TX!


This beautiful Labor Day Weekend you can find our Kitchen Store at TWO Locations of the Canton Trade Days Market in Canton, Texas!  We are SO excited to be opening the New Store at the Corner of Row 46.  You can also find us in our Original Store which is just past The Breezeway in the Original Pavilion 1, Sites 99-100.  

Here's a map to make it a little easier to find us.  The stores are so close to one another that you can literally leave our New Shop's front porch, walk just past The Breezeway on Dealer's Row and enter the Original Shop's back porch!  How convenient is that?!?!!

 We thought we would share a few pics of the hard work that went into setting up our New Store on Row 46.  It's been fun deciding what to do with all the extra space but it's also been a lot of hard work, sweat and...maybe a few tears!

We began with a large open space.  Faced with a decision of, "How do we divide the area and separate our store from the others??"  To sketch-board we went!  First, Let's build walls...


The wall's are going up!  It's beginning to all come together!



 There's also the cabinets and shelves that need fresh new paint!  The boys took over this job and we think they did and EXCELLENT JOB!!


...more painting... drying...


...and still...more painting...


We are very excited to show you how far we've come in a few short days!  Visit us at Canton this weekend and to see our "work in progress".  More pics coming soon!


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