Store News


TWO Locations in Canton, TX!

This beautiful Labor Day Weekend you can find our Kitchen Store at TWO Locations of the Canton Trade Days Market in Canton, Texas!  We are SO excited to be opening the New Store at the Corner of Row 46.  You can also find us in our Original Store which is just past The Breezeway in the Original Pavilion 1, Sites 99-100.  

Here's a map to make it a little easier to find us.  The stores are so close to one another that you can literally leave our New Shop's front porch, walk just past The Breezeway on Dealer's Row and enter the Original Shop's back porch!  How convenient is that?!?!!

 We thought we would share a few pics of the hard work that went into setting up our New Store on Row 46.  It's been fun deciding what to do with all the extra space but it's also been a lot of hard work, sweat and...maybe a few tears!

We began with a large open space.  Faced with a decision of, "How do we divide the area and separate our store from the others??"  To sketch-board we went!  First, Let's build walls...


The wall's are going up!  It's beginning to all come together!



 There's also the cabinets and shelves that need fresh new paint!  The boys took over this job and we think they did and EXCELLENT JOB!!


...more painting... drying...


...and still...more painting...


We are very excited to show you how far we've come in a few short days!  Visit us at Canton this weekend and to see our "work in progress".  More pics coming soon!


It's Finally Here!



Come on in and take a look around!  Welcome to our BRAND NEW Online Store!  We are super excited to be moving into this next phase of our journey.  It's been a long time getting here!  This next step in our adventure has caused me to slow down, reflect and truly meditate on the amazing journey this has been.

Thinking back to the's hard to believe how far we've come!  It was 2008 and financially, times were tough for our family.  We were struggling with how to move forward and simply stay afloat.  We took what little cash we had on hand, invested in a few products, loaded down my little Honda car and drove 100 miles to a Street Fair for the weekend sale...with only a hope and a dream.  

Back then, the day started by setting up a small area on the grounds of the Street Fair and working sales all day.  In the evenings we would pack up our products to keep them safe from the weather, sleep in the car overnight and get up the next morning to start again.  All this was done in the extreme Texas weather and if y'all know anything about Texas, y'all know what that means!  You might experience rain, snow, heat and freezing cold all in ONE weekend! :-)

Well, that was the schedule for 4 days straight.  At the end of the weekend, we would pack-up what didn't sale, squeeze all of it and ourselves into the little car and drive 100 miles back home.

It was was was scary...

And now here we are ~ Opening our Online Store with BIG plans and lots of hope for the future!

While it has been a long journey, and sometimes it has been terrifying...the road was paved with countless blessings!  We would like to say A HUGE Thank you to our Fabulous Customers and a Great Team that helped us get here!!  Love y'all!!!

Changes are coming...

Greetings from the Team here at NYMK!  Needless to say, we have had a slow start to our Blogging  adventure.  It took us a *minute* :-) to really map out what we want this blog to become.  A Big Texas "Thank y'all!" to everyone that started this journey with us and have been patiently waiting to see what is around the corner!

Here's a few of the changes that are coming...

  • Building a Community
  • Supporting our Local Farmers!
  • Recipe Sharing!
  • Front Porch Talk
  • "How to" videos on youtube
  • HUGE Annual Giveaway Contest!

Building a  Community

For those of you who don't know, Not Your Mama's Kitchen is a kitchen supply store full of aprons, gadgets and products that make cooking easier and fun.  All our products are hand-picked by Penny, our Head Mama, who strives to meet the needs of our customers.  A large portion of the products in-store are here at the request of our loyal shoppers.  We are dedicated to searching for kitchen supplies that are American made and currently about 50% of our products are Made in USA!  Finally, our #1 goal at NYMK is "you" the customer.  We pride ourselves on providing "good old fashioned customer service".

With that being said, we want to be more than just a store.  We do not want to be a place that pushes products at our customers.  We do want to provide a place for people to share stories, recipes, encouragement, ideas, and more.   Our hope is to build a community of people that, simply put, love what we love!  Our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog will be the platforms we use to launch this community.

Supporting our Local Farmers

We are super excited about this phase of our journey!  We are in the process of working with a few farmers in our local area.  They have amazing products that are good for our health and tasty too!  Plus, you can always count on a great story from these folks! There will be a page within our blog titled "Featured Farmers" which will be designated especially for our favorite local farmers.

Sneak Peek.. We will have regular posts from Nita King, owner/operator of "Roses and Barbed Wire" about the daily operations on her goat farm.  I promise y' are in for a ride with this Texas Lady!  Nita has many wonderful products that she makes herself  from the milk of her goat's AND there's always an entertaining story.  Life is never dull on the farm!  For more info about Nita and her farm, you can also follow Roses & Barb on Facebook or purchase directly from their website.  Just click on the links below!

Roses & Barbed Wire Facebook

Roses & Barb Website

Recipe Sharing

Now this will definitely be a lot of FUN!  We will be sharing recipes from our staff and customers along with tips and tricks to make it "just right!".  We are really looking forward to collecting yummy recipes from everyone and sharing them on the blog and through facebook.  We will also have different contests each month on our facebook page for chances to win a featured spot for your Favorite Family Recipe.

Front Porch Talk

This is our version of chattin' it up on the porch with friends!  You know those wonderful, and far too rare, moments when you just relax on the porch with an ice-cold glass of sweet tea...or coffee, as some of us prefer!  Listening to your grandparents tell about the "good ole' days" or sharing a good dose of healthy laughter with your best friend...It's those times that are so special and really lock into our memory!

So, this one's gonna be interesting!  We will share great stories from our staff, friends and customers that will be anything from a touching story of cooking with grandma, funny moments with our kiddos, or gut-busting laughter with our girlfriends...It all comes out on the Front Porch Talk!

"How to..." videos on youtube

This is our next BIG step in changes!  At some point in the future, we will have "how to" videos on youtube presenting our favorite kitchen gadgets, how to use them and why we think they are a must have in any kitchen!  However, this phase is several months in the future...but, eventually we will get there and it will be blast!  Keep a look out for that!

HUGE Annual Give-away Contest!

This is very exciting and straight from the Head Mama herself!  I don't want to give too much away and spoil her story...but I will tell you this much, the idea was born out of her hearts desire to pass along family tradition.  You will learn from her own words why this is so deeply important to her, along with her wonderful idea for this contest.  I promise, you won't be disappointed!

So, thank you again for hangin' in there with us.  We are excited to jump in and start blogging and we are looking forward to getting to know our customers better!  Talk to you soon!